Hi! We're Kate and Jill

the photographers that make up K and J Weddings

Take a look at our bios below, to get a glimpse into the heart of our business!


Hi! I am Kate—a believer in Jesus Christ; wife to my incredible husband, Bradley; mother to my beautiful daughters, Analeigha Joy and Adalyn Mae; and a missionary kid from Africa.

I enjoy playing board games with the family, long weekends in the mountains, watching action-filled TV shows on Netflix, family dinners around the table, and building relationships with our amazing church community.

As I said earlier, I grew up as a missionary kid in Africa… Kenya to be precise, alongside the Great Rift Valley. A part of my heart is still there and always will be. Growing up as a third culture kid around some of the friendliest and most genuine people I had ever met, has given me some of the best tools to run my own business; a deep, passionate love for people! My friends would describe me as joyful, outgoing and approachable, genuine and kind.

My love for the camera started in high school but really blossomed after getting married. My husband and I purchased my first DSLR with wedding money and after our Ana was born, I fell in love with the camera and decided to jump into beginning a business. I spent hours with mentors and on youtube, learning the ins and outs of my camera. Finally, in 2016, I booked my first client outside of family and friends, and thankfully people kept giving me chances. It was such a joy to my heart to be given the opportunity to capture lifelong memories, to be the creator of an image that would make one laugh or cry as they remembered the moments that were captured.

In 2018, after having photographed about a dozen weddings, I hired Jill to second shoot with me and it was abundantly clear that we were a great match creatively. She shared my passion for memorializing love and emotion on a wedding day and had an amazing eye for detail. Here we now are as business partners, having the amazing privilege of capturing love stories together.


Hi! I'm Jill, a momma to three—soon to be four—beautiful kids, and best friend to my husband Jon. And while parenting can be a monumental feat in and of itself, there are so many other hats that I wear on a day-to-day basis. I’m a full-time UX designer and part-time homesteader, gardener, seamstress, and baker. Here and there I'll dabble in jewelry making, woodworking, and interior decorating. I guess you could say I fell out of the creative tree and hit every branch on the way down!

I credit my parents—both accountants—and their oh-so-logical way of thinking for my innate need to go beyond the status quo and explore everything creative and natural. When I’m not at work you’ll find me outside, barefoot in the dirt (probably with some bluegrass gospel or country music on) spending as much time “in the moment” as my young kiddos will give me.

I didn't have a proper introduction to photography until I started taking formal courses in college at Tyler School of Art, where I got my BFA in graphic and interactive design. While photography was always a hobby, my college classes provided a new understanding of the vast capabilities a DSLR had in my hands.

Until I met Kate, I kept photography hidden in my back pocket. It was play dates with our children and talking about her photography business that unveiled my hidden interest. I had always contemplated venturing into this creative field myself but never knew where to start.

In the summer of 2018, Kate hired me as a second shooter for her wedding clients. After the first wedding, I knew photography was more than just a side hobby for me. The thrill of capturing such treasured moments for others was beyond my expectations. Full disclosure: I LOVE, love. It is an emotion that connects only the closest human souls. So to have others give me the privilege of capturing the love they share—be it new love, old love, or family love—there are no words.

If we could tell the story with words, we wouldn't need to lug around cameras.